Writing Tips and Techniques for Your College Essay

Writing tips and techniques for your college essay include showing synergy with the institution and sharing meaningful experiences. You should also show that you understand the academic style and know how to stick to it. Read on to learn the top writing tips and techniques for your college essay:

Convey the Right Emotional Message

The presentation of your essay is crucial, but you should exercise measures and restraint to convey the right emotional message. Complex sentences may be appropriate depending on the essay’s purpose and length. However, if you are writing about a personal experience, a short sentence can profoundly impact delivering an emotional message.

Emotional Message

Avoid Overused, Formulaic Introductions

A college essay’s introduction should be unique and interesting. The introduction should start with a strong hook and end with an interesting anecdote that relates to the topic. If possible, write the introduction once you are done with the entire essay.

Avoid the use of high vocabulary when writing the introduction. It can appear pretentious and unnatural, and discourage the reader from reading any further. The goal is to capture the reader’s interest and get them to want to read the rest of your essay.

A college essay introduction doesn’t need to be a large portion of the essay’s total word count and shouldn’t summarize everything in the piece. However, it should give readers an interesting glimpse into the remainder of the essay.

Sharing Difficult Experiences Honestly

One of the best ways to showcase your unique qualities in your college essay is to share a challenging experience. When writing about such an experience, be sure to write the details carefully. Focus on showing how the experience has helped you grow.

The more personal the experience, the more impactful it will be on your college essay. College essays should be honest and show emotion. Although sharing painful experiences will be compelling, it is important to avoid portraying yourself as a victim in the process. Hence, you will want to be careful about the kind of impression you are creating.


A revision is a process in which you revisit an essay to change its content. A revision can be a major change to a paper or as simple as making a few small changes. The best revisions will involve rethinking the original argument, developing ideas further, and improving organization. This process will also involve paying attention to grammatical and technical errors.

revisit an essay

If your essay requires editing, you should consider consulting with an instructor before submitting your paper. The instructor will be able to provide feedback and suggestions about how to make your paper better. They will also be able to see the revisions you have made.

Don’t Be Afraid to Think Out of the Box

When writing your college essay, don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and use best online essay writing services. While slipping into the pitfalls of an out-of-the-box topic is easy, be careful not to go overboard. Admissions officers are looking for evidence that you have the ability to take your writing to the next level.