How to Build an Essay – Follow These Tips

Great value and emphasis is placed on proper order and structure in the essay. Hence, it is vital to follow a clear format that is suitable for the essay topic. A well written essay reflects positively on its writer. It displays their intellectual abilities and knowledge over the topics. Follow these tips to build your essay the right way:

Body Paragraphs Form the Building Blocks of Your Argument

There are a number of steps to writing an essay. You should begin by defining your main ideas. Next, you should outline the major categories of information you will need to support your argument. This information is known as the body of the essay. After this, you should write the supporting information.

Your body paragraphs should have a purpose and not be incoherent.  Use transitional words to make each paragraph clear. Good transitional words include, ‘as a result’, ‘finally’, ‘while’, ‘now’, and ‘similarly’. You can also use, ‘on the other hand’, ‘rather’ to imply unity.

Background Information

Background information is an important part of writing an essay. It sets the tone and allows the reader to understand the subject more deeply. It can be provided with facts, definitions, and general historical information. Before you start writing the background information, consider your audience and what knowledge they may already have on the subject.

Thesis Statement

To write an effective thesis statement, there are three criteria you should meet. First, it should be a concise statement supported by facts and a counterargument. Second, your thesis statement should help the reader decide whether to believe what you are saying is correct. Lastly, it should be clear and concise. A strong thesis statement can be the foundation of a persuasive essay.


When you are writing an academic essay, using evidence can help you support your point of view. There are two main types of evidence you can use: primary and secondary. Primary sources are first-hand accounts of an event or topic, such as a research study or interview. Secondary sources, on the other hand, are second-hand accounts, such as articles and websites. To select the right source for your essay, you should understand the purpose of the evidence and check for its authenticity.

The main purpose of evidence in an essay is to support the main claim of the essay. Evidence is important to make a strong argument, so it should be carefully chosen and integrated into the text. One of the best ways to integrate evidence is through quotations. However, you must be very careful when using quotations, as they involve someone else’s words. You will also want to avoid the overuse of quotations as it will create a bad impression.



Proofreading an essay is an important part of the writing process, but many students skip it. They become too tired to proofread their work. However, keep in mind that one typo can make or break your essay.

This can cause you to get a bad grade, so it’s imperative to take the time to proofread your essay. The first step in proofreading an essay is scanning it for spelling errors. Then, highlight any grammatical issues you notice as you go along.